I believe that the foundation of any successful therapy experience is the co-creation of a safe environment where you feel deeply heard and understood. I will work hard to help build an authentic relationship in which you feel safe, supported, and respectfully challenged. We can begin by working specifically on the issues that are currently causing you the most distress. I work primarily from a 'contemporary psychoanalytic' point of view, which means that we will at times be looking at your past to increase your understanding of how your current thoughts, feelings, and problems may be rooted in earlier experiences.



I genuinely enjoy working with a wide range of people and issues. Some of my clinical interests include:


*Enhancing creative performance in artists and creative professionals

*Trauma (including a history of trauma/abuse in childhood as well as single-incident trauma)

*Dissociative conditions



*Couples therapy


*Perfectionsim and procrastination

*Personality disorders

*Mental health professionals in training